The Top 5 B2B SaaS Fintech Companies

B2B SaaS Fintech Companies

The B2B SaaS Fintech market is taking the world by surprise. This rapidly developing industry focuses on enhancing and simplifying financial services by making them widely available and easily accessible through apps and websites.

And Who does not appreciate convenience? Read on and look at our picks for the Top 5 B2B Fintech companies that strive to smoothen your transactions and make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Kabbage

Kabbage is an internationally recognized B2B SaaS Fintech company located in the United States. Founded over 14 years ago, Kabbage spent little time becoming a successful powerhouse. 

The company strives to simplify its consumers’ access to loans by providing quick loans through an AI-controlled process. In 2020, Kabbage was bought by American Express, which now supports and spearheads the switch to more convenient business transactions.

  • Built Technologies

If you are looking for convenience in construction payments, look no further than Built Technologies. This US-based B2B SaaS Fintech company was founded in 2014 with the hope of using automation to optimize and improve real estate and construction market results.

Built Technologies optimizes money flow in the market by easing withdrawal processes and improving construction revenues and consumer loyalty. With over 400 current employees, this firm focuses on simplifying cash management for consumers like you.

  • Brex

Brex is a Fintech B2B SaaS organization that provides technological giants with credit card facilities and money management accounts. Younger than other B2B SaaS companies in this list, Brex stands out as one of the United States’ leading fintech firms that revamps B2B financial products.

Brex aims to provide its clients with the best and most valuable financial services encouraging them to improve their personal financial management. If you are looking for financial advice and solutions, then Brex is the place to be.

  • Khatabook

If you are in search of convenience and simplicity when it comes to transactions, then we present to you, Khatabook. It is one of the fastest-developing and most successful B2B SaaS Fintech companies in India and the world.

Through its app, Khatabook looks to provide its clients with simple and efficient cashless services. It also aims to help other companies to follow and secure their payments and transactions. With Khatabook, you will never have to worry about keeping track of your credits ever again.

  • Klarna

Last but not least is Europe’s most successful and valuable fintech company, Klarna. For consumers who would instead not use their credit cards, Klarna offers a “buy now, pay later” option in the form of store credit offered after checkout.

Founded in 2005, Klarna has revamped the online shopping experience. It values customer satisfaction above all else and constantly strives to improve its services to make your life much easier.

Final Thoughts

The world is shifting towards introducing automation in almost every aspect of our lives. From cashless transactions to secure and convenient cash tracking, B2B SaaS fintech companies are driving this shift to make our lives a lot more convenient and simple. If you desire simplicity, then these firms are the right place for you.

By Carol Miller

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