Exploring B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategies

B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategies

If you want your company to be successful, then you need to be able to market it extensively. It is easy to come up with ideas and products, but selling those products is a whole different story. So, in essence, you cannot accomplish anything without a perfect marketing plan.

A B2B SaaS go-to-market (GTM) strategy should be simple, smart, and effective enough to display products in a way that will attract tons of customers. We’ve all seen ads. From time to time, we have definitely been swayed by a few of them. What is it about these specific ads that sway us?

Ads, more often than not, target personal issues in an attempt to gather your attention and keep you interested. This allows businesses to successfully market their products in a way that creates a need that was not present previously, thereby attracting more customers.

With their B2B SaaS GTM strategy, businesses attempt to reach out to potential customers. By experimenting with several kinds of ideas, they reel in new customers through their B2B SaaS go-to-market strategy. After all, these are very important aspects to keep in mind when you try to create your own strategy.

Here we will be talking about the several stages of creating a B2B SaaS go-to-market strategy, as well as giving you tips on improving and building your own marketing strategy.

A B2B SaaS Go-To-Market Strategy Template

Ensuring that your ads attract business is a must, and there are several ways of accomplishing that. However, to create an ad, there is a lot that you must do before you can even consider airing it. 

Simply put, if you have just created a product or if you are trying to resell an existing product, you must create a list of questions and perfect your marketing strategy. While we cannot give you an entire market strategy template, we have come up with several important questions that need to be considered when you create your own plan:

  • How Do You Grab The Customer’s Attention?

When you are brainstorming, you need to ensure you have the right idea in mind. The beginning of your B2B SaaS marketing strategy needs to be unique and special. After all, you need to be able to grab the customer’s attention and take their mind off of what they were doing previously. Undoubtedly, the customer’s only focus should be your product.

  • How Will You Be Talking About This Product?

Once you have grabbed the customer’s attention, you must enter the next phase. Here you will be talking about the product and how it works. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you do this in a way that does not bore the customer.

Following this, you need to gauge whether or not the information displayed is enough to keep the customer’s interest. Add some uniqueness, something special. Otherwise, the customer will lose interest.

  • How Can The Customer Trust You And The Product?

After keeping the customer’s interest, we move on to making sure that your product is useful. Your product can be incredible, but you may lose your customer if you lack a credible source. 

Alternatively, look into adding reviews or improving your brand image, so the customer knows what your business is and how good it is.

  • How Do You Create A Sense Of Need For This Product?

Perhaps the first rule in the marketing book is being able to make your customer want the product. As of right now, your customer has no need to buy your product. Therefore, create a scenario, and outline the benefits of having it and the negatives of not having it. Additionally, it would help if you made the customer absolutely need your product.

After creating a sense of need for this product, you need to ensure whether or not the information has made the customer weigh their options. Should they get it? Will it help them? Is the product worth it? Undoubtedly, make the customer think about it.

  • If The Customer Does Not Want It, Will They Refer It To A Friend Or Colleague?

Your marketing strategy will not always be directly successful. Essentially, you may be targeting the wrong person, but this person may know someone who needs your product. Have you done enough to make this person refer your business to their friend? Make your ad unique and memorable, memorable enough for customers to be able to refer back to it themselves.

Is your product good enough to be gifted? Can it fit into holiday marketing agendas? Say it is Christmas, and your customer is looking for potential gifts. Do you think you have done enough to make them consider your product? The more options you provide for the customer, the better the chance that you reel them in.

  • If The Customer Decides To Buy The Product, Is It Easily Accessible?

What if your marketing strategy has worked? The customer is now looking to buy the product. Will they be able to find it easily? The customer needs to be able to reach the product easily. You never want to win a customer over but lose their interest because they could not find the product. 

The customer wants your product, but is its price too high? Remember, if it is new, make it easy to get. Don’t miss out on the customer because of unruly prices.

  • If The Customer Has Brought The Product, Are They Satisfied With It?

Success! Your customer has brought the product, but do they like it? Did the product help them? These are important questions that businesses need to consider so they can improve their products and ensure customer satisfaction.

Now that you have sold the product, how do you learn about the customer’s experience? Give the customer opportunities to be able to get back to you. This will not only paint you as a business that cares for the customer but also gives you a chance to learn and understand different perspectives on the product.

  • What Is Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

Simply put, after your product has been purchased, does your customer rate the product high enough for them to refer it to a friend? That is what NPS is. You give your customers a survey where they can rate the product, and then you subtract the negative ratings from the positive ratings. A higher NPS is more beneficial for your business and adds to your credibility.

Don’t forget the importance of the customer’s words. After you have received feedback on the product, look to implement it when you try improving your marketing strategy. Ask the customer, did your marketing strategy sway them? Do they have any better ideas?

Why is a Go-To-Market Strategy for B2B SaaS Companies Important?

A major reason why a lot of startups fail to reach their potential is because of a poor marketing strategy. Making the product is fairly simple. However, the difficult part lies in figuring out ways to make people want your product.

With a proper marketing strategy, businesses will be able to gain new customers. Think about it; look at any major company; when was the last time you didn’t see their ads when you watched tv? Consistent marketing, regardless of the brand’s popularity, is vital to driving sales. 

What Are The 2 Types of Sales Strategies in SaaS?

Before your product hits the market, you need to decide on the sale strategy you will follow. Evidently, nothing works without a plan. So, let’s talk about the two kinds of sales strategies that are known to work:

  •  Sales-Led GTM

This marketing strategy works on the principle of convincing and bringing in new potential customers. The questions we put forth previously work very closely with this marketing strategy. To follow through with this, businesses need to ensure that their marketing team is on top of their game. 

The marketing team will be responsible for the major sales of this product because how they promote the product is essential.

  • Product-Led GTM

This marketing strategy thrives on letting the customer experience your product, free of cost, for a short amount of time and then putting a price on it. Have you ever heard of free trials? That is the basis of a product-led marketing strategy.

By following this, customers will be able to test the product out themselves and decide later whether or not they would like to purchase it. Without a doubt, this may be your best bet. Customers will be more likely to purchase your product if they have tried it out.


All in all, a marketing strategy is essential. By creating a marketing strategy, there is a lot that companies can learn and address. This way, they are able to ensure that their product will flourish in the open market.

Just remember, businesses cannot look to earn off of something new if they promote it heavily. Finally, if you are looking forward to creating a B2B SaaS go-to-market strategy, refer back to this to perfect your strategy and take the market by surprise!

By Carol Miller

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